I’ve been so fortunate to have enjoyed an amazing career in the hospitality industry. Blessed and cursed with never-ending ambition, my eagerness to advance and grow throughout my career has led me on an incredible journey. My experiences working at Hyatt Hotels have led me to the world of international travel, which prepared me for entrepreneurship as an IHOP Franchisee. It has been an absolute privilege to assist my guests with their needs, fulfill my clients’ dreams of travel, celebrate special events, and turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones.   

In the spirit of capturing these special moments forever, photographs are taken, t-shirts, ornaments, and souvenirs were purchased, and I began collecting jewelry. 

My jewelry box is a collective “photo album” of my most precious memories. Each item represents a “snapshot” of my life. Whether an item was gifted to me by a loved one or a treasure discovered in one of the many cities or countries visited, I love that simply putting it on enables me to recall the memory of those travels, who I was with, and how it makes me feel when I wear it. 

After retiring from the restaurant industry, I decided to pursue my love and passion for jewelry by enrolling at the Gemological Institute of America. I have always been fascinated with the art and style of jewelry and the story behind it. Discovering the history of a gemstone’s journey from “Mine to Market” is fascinating. Whether we are the artist, creator, manufacturer, vendor, the giver or recipient, I believe we are all blessed for being a part of the journey. 

Spending the last few years representing the very talented and award-winning jewelry designers Erica Courtney and Lika Behar enabled me to interact with other designers and retailers in fabulous boutiques throughout the U.S. These experiences inspired me to dream and envision what having my own boutique would be like. Unbeknownst to me, my husband, Craig, snapped this photo, enjoying a gorgeous Florida sunset, pondering what it would take to turn this dream into a reality. My team and I look forward to meeting your and “Adding Color to Your Sunset.”

Susan North