Susan North, Owner of North Start Fine Jewelry and Gift Boutique

For the Twinkle in Your Eye

Remember the feeling of holding a precious piece of family jewelry for the first time? Like many, my mind goes back to being just old enough. Smooth, warm, so very pretty, heavier than I would’ve thought, and imbued somehow with a gentle, soft, kind of mysterious energy all its own—but still, something I wanted to keep!

Truth told, I only put up a small struggle before handing it back. 

Even after all these years, it’s still hard to describe it in words, but it gave me a love and passion for fine pieces that’s only grown stronger over time.

Today, it’s also given me a passion to share that gift with others.

I’m Susan North, founder of North Star Fine Jewelry & Gift Boutique, an exquisite new destination for the luxury gift-buying journey, located in beautiful downtown Sarasota. The sunsets up above are remarkably joyous for their vibrant tones, heart-warming shades, and panoramic vistas. Within them, I found the inspiration to create a retail fine jewelry establishment that reflects their true colors in a pastel-steeped, coastal-chic environment.

Here, guests are welcomed as friends, treated as VIPs, and warmly received into our extended family of discerning shoppers. A glass of champagne or wine can always be had for the asking. And talk of bringing lifelong visions to life make every day sparkle with ambition. The possibilities are intentionally limitless! 

Our VIP lounge offers light dining and drinking accommodations for eight, making it an ideal gathering spot for small celebrations or for visiting jewelry designers hosting Trunk shows. My goal is to make every visit the best part of the day, so we provide full concierge services and exclusive access to high-end designer lines you won’t find anywhere else.

North Star Jewelry and Gift Boutique—far and away from ordinary—yet only miles away from home!

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